Dr. Jean-Baptiste Belge, MD, PhD

Interventional psychiatrist

Jean-Baptiste Belge, MD, PhD, is specialized in neuromodulation and conducts research on the neurobiology of these techniques. Using cutting-edge methods such as fMRI, DTI, and machine learning, Dr. Belge aims to comprehensively understand the profound impact of these interventions on brain activity and structure. With a holistic approach encompassing multiple investigative modes, his work sheds light on the intricate interplay between neuromodulation techniques and the human brain’s complex neural networks, opening new therapeutic possibilities.

Dr. Belge is a Board member of the Belgian College of Neuropharmacology and Biological Psychiatry and member of the Global MRI-ECT Consortium. He received rigorous training at the Université Catholique de Louvain, University of Antwerp and Radboud University. He continues his training in the neuromodulation field at the Université Paris-Creteil.  Combining clinical expertise with advanced research, he provides personalized and effective treatments. Dr. Belge’s passion for advancing the field has earned him recognition, including an award from the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium.

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